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Scottsdale Plastics featured Zo Skin Health Product Line.

The prestigious ZO SkinCare range is designed for skin health. Founded by leading dermatologist and skin rejuvenation expert, Zein Obagi MD, the latest range of premium skin care products helps patients make a real impact with their skin care regimen! With a unique mixture of essential nutrients that help to cleanse, refresh, fight off pollutants, ZO Skin Health is the perfect physician-backed choice for daily skin preparation, hydration, treatment, and defense.

At Scottsdale Plastics, we provide our patients with a tailored collection of ZO products and skin care programs to suit the needs of every skin type. For a personal skin consultation with innovative plastic surgeon and skin expert Dr. Robert Bonillas, please contact us at (480) 245-6380 or use our inquiry form to submit your request.

ZO SkinCare Philosophy

A thorough, consistent skin care routine plays a key role in maintaining its health. It’s also a way to keep common signs of facial aging such as wrinkles, sagging, dryness, and dullness at bay. Finding quality products that work in harmony with your skin can make things much simpler! 

ZO Skin Health provides a range of specialized products designed to help you achieve smoother, brighter, blemish-free skin.

“My mission is to create skin that is healthy, youthful, and vibrant, fulfilling my definition of skin health.” – Zein Obagi, MD

Healthy Skin for Life

Scottsdale Plastics beautiful woman admiring results of using Zo SkinCare.

Skin changes on a molecular and cellular level as we age. The epidermis (the outermost layer of skin) thins and cell turnover decreases. (1) These processes are affected by internal factors, like our genetics, and external factors in our environment. ZO SkinCare is designed to supply your skin with essential vitamins and nutrients to strengthen and replenish it, providing extensive, continuous protection when you need it most!

Solutions for skin problems, daily skincare, and treatment protocols are all available with ZO SkinCare!

The ZO Skin Health Circle


ZO SkinCare’s range of therapeutic products help patients treat medical conditions like acne, blemishes, melasma, and sun damage. They also treat post-acne marks and redness by stimulating dermal cellular function with key ingredients like retinol, growth factors, sulfur, and natural enzymes to help your skin bounce back from breakouts.


Consistent skin maintenance is essential to protect your complexion from recurrent skin problems. Deep cleansing products with anti-inflammatory properties help to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy all day, every day. ZO SkinCare exfoliating scrubs remove dead skin cells and provide the tools your skin needs to renew itself.

Daily Skincare

Everyone needs a good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer! Your skin needs balancing products that keep it bright and hydrated, and that work well with or without makeup. The ZO range of daily skincare products is designed for regular use, day and night. 


Preventive measures provide protection for dry skin, normal, combination, and oily complexions. Reduce the risk of breakouts with acne-control pads, excess oil-controlling cleansers, balancing toners, and skin-strengthening antioxidants. Stop sun damage in its tracks with solutions containing broad spectrum SPF.

Tailor a skincare routine to your skin type by speaking to the experts at Scottsdale Plastics. Read the Scottsdale Plastics Beauty Blog for more tips about maintaining good skin health!

Nourishing Ingredients

Customize your skincare routine! The ZO SkinCare collection offers proven solutions for skin health with nourishing ingredients including:

  • improves photodamaged skin, fights signs of aging. (2)
  • Vitamin C: Potent antioxidant, synthesizes collagen and elastin and provides essential support, keeping skin supple, bright, and firm.
  • Vitamin E: Anti-inflammatory and a shield against UV damage, strengthens skin’s natural protective barrier, evens out redness and imperfections.
  • Antioxidant Blends: Comprehensive skin support. Vitamins A, C, and E repair and defend skin against environmental damage and signs of aging.
  • Hydroquinone (Rx only): Balances skin tone. Lightens moderate to severe hyperpigmentation, lentigines (age spots), and photodamaged skin.
  • Broad-Spectrum SPF: Protects against UVA, UVB, and other damaging light wavelengths. Recommended for daily use by the Skin Cancer Foundation. (3)

Prepare Your Skin

Our cleansers, scrubs, and pore treatments help you prepare your skin for any occasion! Available for all skin types, the ZO daily use range contains skin-friendly ingredients that target excess oils, cleanse pores, and gently remove impurities. The Offects range of cleansers is available for patients with normal to dry skin or normal to oily skin, while Oilacleanse helps with acne breakouts. The versatile Foamacleanse formulation is suitable for all skin types.

Product Spotlight:

  • Offects Hydrating Cleanser (normal to dry skin)
  • Oilacleanse Cleanser (normal to oily skin)
  • Foamacleanse (all skin types)
  • Cebatrol Oil Control Pads Acne Treatment (acne-prone skin)

Skin Healing

Regain skin confidence with acne-fighting products from ZO SkinCare. Formulated with key blemish-fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and sulfur, these tailored formulations maximize skin barrier function and help to clear up active breakouts. ZO skin health also helps patients rejuvenate their skin with a range of anti-aging treatments to repair, moisturize, and restore elasticity.

Skin Facts: As well as being available over-the-counter, benzoyl peroxide is FDA-approved as a prescription medication for the treatment of acne vulgaris. (6)

Calm and Hydrate

Deal with redness, reduce inflammation, and revitalize your skin with our calming ZO hydrators. Our soothing products combat skin aging, improve skin quality, and stimulate collagen production. Powerful enzymes, retinol, and antioxidants combine to give patients brighter, balanced, healthier-looking skin.

Product Spotlight:

  • Oraser Body Emulsion Plus
  • Restoracalm Soothing Recovery Crème
  • Revitatrol Epidermal Repair Crème

Skin Facts: Dry skin is an incredibly common condition. Moisturizers improve and maintain skin barrier function and help to prevent dry skin. (5)

Safeguard Your Skin

Triple-protect your skin with our range of ZO SkinCare sunscreens. These products are suitable for daily use and provide protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, HEV (high energy visible/blue light), and IR-A (infrared).

  • Oclipse Sun Spray SPF 50 For Face + Body
  • Oclipse Smart Tone Broad Spectrum SPF 50
  • Oclipse-C Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50
  • Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Skin Facts: Up to 80% of visible signs of aging in the skin including dry appearance, scalping, wrinkling, impaired pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines are due to UV damage. (4)

ZO Skin Health Programs

ZO products are available for individual sale or as part of a specially curated professional treatment program. 

All ZO Skin Health Program products are air travel safe.

Phase 1: Daily Skincare Program

Who it’s for: Ages 17-25

What it does: Preserves youthful complexion, hydrates, prevents future damage. Improves and maintains the appearance of early signs of aging.


  • Offects Exfoliating Cleanser 40ml/1.5 fl. oz.
  • Offects Exfoliating Polish 16.2g/0.57 oz.
  • Offects TE-Pads (20 Packettes)
  • Ossential Daily Power Defense 30 ml/1 fl. oz.
  • Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 15 ml/0.5 fl. oz.

Phase 2: Anti-Aging Program

Who it’s for: Ages 26-44

What it does: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, preserves and maintains a youthful complexion, refines pores, prevents future damage.


  • Offects Exfoliating Cleanser 40 ml/1.5 fl. oz.
  • Offects Exfoliating Polish 16.2g
  • Offects TE-Pads (20 Packettes)
  • Ossential Daily Power Defense 30 ml/1 fl. oz.
  • Ossential Growth Factor Serum Plus 30 ml/1 fl. oz.
  • Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 15 ml/0.5 fl. oz.

Phase 3: Aggressive Anti-Aging Program

Who it’s for: 45+

What it does: Reduces the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles, minimizes age spots, strengthens skin, maintains results achieved with lasers or medical treatments.


  • Offects Hydrating Cleanser 40 ml/1.5 fl. oz.
  • Offects Exfoliating Polish 16.2g
  • Offects TE-Pads (20 Packettes)
  • Ossential Daily Power Defense 30 ml/1 fl. oz.
  • Ossential Advanced Radical Night Repair 30 ml/1 fl. oz.
  • Ommerse Renewal Crème 50 ml/1.7 fl. Oz.
  • Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 15 ml/0.5 fl. oz.

Acne Prevention + Treatment Program

Who it’s for: Patients with Acne-Prone Skin

What it does: Controls excess oil production, removes dead skin cells, stimulates healthy skin renewal, calms and soothes inflammation.


  • Offects Exfoliating Cleanser 150ml/5 fl. oz.
  • Offects Exfoliating Polish 65g/2.3 oz.
  • Offects TE-Pads (60 pads)
  • Offects Sulfur Masque 85g/3.0 oz

ZO Multi-Therapy Hydroquinone System

Who it’s for: Patients with hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, skin in poor health

What it does: Lightens skin, evens tone.Treats melasma and moderate to severe hyperpigmentation, severe textural damage, sun damage. Also useful for pre/post procedure skin conditioning.


  • Melamin Skin Bleaching & Correcting Crème Hydroquinone 4% 32g/1.12 oz.
  • Glycogent Exfoliation Accelerator 30 ml./1 fl. oz.
  • Melamix Skin Lightener & Blending Crème Hydroquinone 4% 32g/1.12 oz.
  • Ossential Daily Power Defense 30 ml/1 fl. oz.
  • Oclipse-C Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 60g/2 oz.

Non-Hydroquinone Hyperpigmentation System

Who it’s for: Patients with hyperpigmentation (without bleaching)

What it does: Improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, freckles, and liver spots, brightens skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. For use 4-5 months after hydroquinone treatment. 


  • Brightenex Skin Brightener & Correcting Crème 30 ml/1 fl. oz.
  • Ossential Daily Power Defense 30 ml/1 fl. oz.
  • Retamax Active Vitamin A Micro Emulsion 30 ml/1 fl. oz.
  • Restoracalm Soothing Recovery Crème 30 ml/1 fl. oz.
  • Oclipse-C Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 60g/2 oz.

Skin Brightening Program for Hyperpigmentation

Who it’s for: Patients with hyperpigmentation (without bleaching)

What it does: Improves skin tone, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightening skin, maintenance. For use when hydroquinone treatment is complete, or for patients not suitable for hydroquinone treatment. 


  • Ossential C-Bright Serum 10% Vitamin C 20 ml/0.67 fl. oz.
  • Ossential Brightalive Non-Retinol Skin Brightener 30 ml/1 fl. oz.
  • Ossential Daily Power Defense 30 ml/1 fl. oz.
  • Oclipse Sunscreen + primer SPF 30 15 ml/0.5 fl. oz.

Post Procedure Recovery System

Who it’s for: Patients who have undergone laser resurfacing treatments.

What it does: Enhances skin re-epithelialization, promotes natural skin recovery, prevents cracking and scab formation, soothes irritated skin.


  • Pomatrol Soothing Ointment 50 ml/1.7 fl. oz.
  • Revitatrol Epidermal Repair Crème 120 ml/4.0 fl. oz.
  • Surfatrol Astringent Solution Powder 10 ea. 6g/0.21oz.

Personal Consultation

Your personal consultation is a good opportunity to discuss your skin issues. You can explain the areas you would like to treat, and talk about any problems you have experienced with dryness, excess oil, blemishes, or signs of aging. Then, we will tailor a skincare regimen for your specific needs!

Cost of ZO SkinCare Products in Scottsdale

Your tailored ZO SkinCare selection will vary in cost, depending on the product or products we recommend. Book your personal consultation with Dr. Bonillas by contacting us at (480) 245-6380 or use our inquiry form to get started.


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