Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

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rhinoplasty procedure

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed today.

It can reshape, reduce or augment a person’s nose to achieve facial harmony and boost self-confidence. It may be performed as a reconstructive procedure to correct a birth defect or an injury such as a broken nose.

Rhinoplasty may be performed for functional rather than cosmetic reasons as well. Combining nose reshaping with septoplasty or endoscopic sinus surgery can effectively treat certain breathing problems, such as those caused by a deviated septum

Many patients find this procedure enhances the symmetry of their face, allowing a boost in confidence! We want you to look and feel your best. Dr. Bonillas’ advanced skills in facial sculpting will help you look your best.

If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a consultation, reach out to our office today!

What Can Rhinoplasty Do For Me?

Rhinoplasty is an excellent procedure for achieving the following:

  • Balance the size of the nose with the other facial features
  • Modify the width of the nose at the bridge
  • Improve the nasal profile, including removing humps or depressions
  • Contour a nasal tip that is too large, “boxy,” drooping or upturned
  • Change the angle between the nose and the mouth
  • Narrow and reshape the nostrils
  • Correct asymmetry or deviation

A rhinoplasty is dynamic in what it can treat. Many patients come in to improve both the function and appearance of their nose. We want our patients to have a positive experience when they visit us! Dr. Bonillas and his qualified staff will go above and beyond to ensure you feel cared for.

Personal Consultation

personal rhinoplasty consultation

During your private meeting with Dr. Bonillas, you will have the opportunity to learn about the different surgical techniques involved in a rhinoplasty. Dr. Bonillas will examine your nose and ask about the changes you would like to see. This information combined with his in-depth knowledge of the facial structure will help him determine your best treatment plan

This meeting also allows Dr. Bonillas to determine if you are a healthy candidate for a nose job. He will ask about your medical history, current lifestyle, medications and supplements you take. This information will help him gauge your candidacy. 

Your personal consultation ensures that a rhinoplasty is the right choice for your concerns. This private engagement also gives you the chance to learn about Dr. Bonillas and ask all of your questions. We recommend patients write down questions before their consultation and bring them to their meeting. That way you know any concerns and questions you have will be addressed. 

If you and Dr. Bonillas determine and agree that a nose job is an excellent solution for you, an appointment will be scheduled and he will take you through the preparation steps of the procedure.


As with any surgery, preparation is crucial in securing a healthy procedure and recovery. Dr. Bonillas will inform you of what preparation steps are expected of you during your consultation. These steps include filling prescriptions, setting aside a recovery area in your home, arranging for care and rides, and asking for about a week off from work. There are other steps you will have to perform the closer you get to the surgery date like fasting for twelve hours before the appointment. Dr. Bonillas will provide you with instructions so you can navigate this time period well. You are always welcome to call our office with any last-minute questions.


Rhinoplasty is usually an outpatient procedure performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia.

rhinoplasty procedure

Rhinoplasty is usually an outpatient procedure performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia.

Surgeons use one of two techniques when performing nose surgery. In a closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made within the nostrils. In an open rhinoplasty, the incision is made across the columella, the tissue between the nostrils. With both methods, Dr. Bonillas gently lifts the soft tissues covering the nose. He sculpts the bone and cartilage to the desired shape. Any additional cartilage needed to augment the nose can often be taken from the septum.

If the patient has a deviated septum, the surgeon will adjust the septum and the inner structures of the nose to improve breathing. Then the tissues are re-draped and stitched closed. If the patient desires nostril reshaping, this is done as the final stage of rhinoplasty.

The entire procedure generally lasts about three hours.


For a short time after surgery, patients may experience puffiness, nose ache or a dull headache, some swelling and bruising, bleeding or stuffiness. These symptoms should fade after a few weeks. A splint may need to be worn to keep the nose straight as it heals. Bandages will keep your nose safe and clean. Dr. Bonillas will change these at your follow-up appointment and teach you how to continue caring for your nose at home.

Most patients feel like themselves within two days and return to work in about a week.

Contact lenses can be worn immediately, but glasses may need to be taped to your forehead or propped on your cheeks for up to seven weeks.

You will need to sleep with your head elevated for a week or two to diminish swelling and ensure you don’t apply pressure to incisions. If you experience any discomfort, you can take a prescribed pain medication. These medications should only be needed for the first few days after which over-the-counter medications like Tylenol can be used.


The results of rhinoplasty become gradually apparent as the days pass after surgery and swelling recedes. Swelling may reappear from time to time in the first year after the procedure. It is typically more noticeable in the morning and fades during the day. 

The results achieved by Dr. Bonillas will be long-lasting!


The best candidates for rhinoplasty:

  • Are at least 17 years old
  • Have finished facial growth
  • Are generally healthy
  • Do not smoke
  • Are seeking rhinoplasty for personal reasons, not pressure from others
  • Have realistic goals for the procedure

Dr. Bonillas will help you determine if a nose job is the right choice for you in a personal consultation. Get started towards an aesthetically pleasing nose today by reaching out to our office!


The cost of your procedure will relate to the steps and techniques involved in reshaping your nose. Dr. Bonillas will go over the cost breakdown of your personalized surgery during your consultation. If you are bothered by the appearance and/or function of your nose, you can trust Dr. Bonillas to artfully sculpt your nose and achieve beautiful results.

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Will I like the results of my nose surgery?

Patients with realistic goals for rhinoplasty are generally very happy with the new shape of their nose. The exact results depend on the patient’s nasal bone and cartilage structure, facial shape, skin thickness and age.

What are the possible risks of rhinoplasty?

Complications are rare and, when they occur, minor. These may include infection, nosebleed, or a reaction to the anesthesia.

Does insurance cover rhinoplasty? 

Insurance may cover rhinoplasty if it is done for reconstructive or medical reasons, but likely not for cosmetic purposes.

What is revision rhinoplasty?

Revision or secondary rhinoplasty corrects deformities caused by a previous operation on the nose. It is a more difficult procedure to perform than primary rhinoplasty because there is less cartilage to work with and there may be scarring or tissue contracture (tightening). However, skilled plastic surgeons can improve both the appearance and the function of the nose with revision rhinoplasty.

How dangerous is a nose job?

A nose job is not a dangerous procedure when performed by someone as skilled and experienced as Dr. Bonillas. He will take the time to examine your nasal features and anatomy to determine the best route of surgery. A consultation will also give you the chance to learn more about his level of expertise and talk about your health history, medication and expectations for the surgery. 

How much does the average nose job cost?

It’s hard to even come up with an average nose job cost because the procedure is so different for each person. Some people receive nose jobs purely for practical reasons while others desire cosmetic improvements. Dr. Bonillas will go over a cost breakdown with you during your consultation.

How long is recovery from rhinoplasty?

The recovery length of any surgery will be unique to that person. On average, people require downtime of about one week and return to social events after two to three weeks. Strenuous activities should be avoided for four to six weeks and the final results will set in after a couple of months when the nose is completely healed.

What can you not do after rhinoplasty?

There are a few things you should not do after surgery to ensure that you heal well and achieve your desired outcome. Dr. Bonillas will go over these activities with you and provide you with instructions as well. Some things to avoid after nose job surgery include blowing your nose, rubbing your nose, wearing glasses, and any other activity that puts a strain on the nose or midface.