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latisee lash extension

Latisse is a topical medication that encourages the growth of longer, thicker eyelashes. Those who struggle with thin or patchy eyelashes can fill out their lash line by using Latisse to regrow their own natural lashes. This cosmetic is FDA-approved, easy to apply, and delivers real results after 12 weeks. 

If eyes are the window to the soul, Latisse will transform dusty horizontal blinds into rich, velvety drapery. Stop struggling with sticky fake eyelashes, globby mascara, raccoon eyes, awkward eyelash curlers, and expensive extensions. Latisse lets you grow your own long luscious lashes. It’s proven effective and is only available with a prescription.

You can have the eyelashes that you’ve always wanted. Contact Dr. Robert Bonillas and his team at Scottsdale Plastics (480) 245-6380 to get started now!


Women have been accentuating their eyes since antiquity. In fact, there are records of eye makeup being used as early as 4000 BC. The ancient Egyptians used green powdered malachite and dark kohl eyeliner paste to adorn their eyes. They even used eyelid glitter, but it’s probably not the kind of shimmer that any of us would care for today – their glitter was made out of ground beetle shells! [1] While we’re not smashing bugs in the name of beauty, women today still want to emphasize sparkling eyes. In 2014, Americans spent $329.5 million on mascara alone. [2]

But, even the best mascara is useless if there aren’t sufficient eyelashes to enhance. For those who have inadequate or thin eyelashes, Latisse does what makeup can’t.

Scientists stumbled onto Latisse by accident. Patients who took Lumigan, a prescription eye drop for glaucoma, noticed increased eyelash growth, and many of them loved it. One patient noticed that the tips of their eyelashes started to brush against the lenses of their eyeglasses after months of using Lumigan.  The results were remarkable.

Allergan, the same company that brought us Botox, jumped into action and reformulated this medication to specifically encourage eyelash growth. They developed a special disposable sterile applicator wand so that Latisse could effectively target the lash line.[3]  Latisse received approval from the FDA in 2008, and since then, over 8.7 million kits of Latisse have been sold. [4] That’s a lot of lashes!

Eye Lash Science

Eyelashes are unlike any other hair on the human body. Our eyelashes start growing only 12 weeks after we’re conceived. We have on average 150 eyelashes on our upper eyelids, and they grow in five or six imperfect rows until they are about  6-8mm long. Unlike the hair on our head, eyelashes have a much shorter life cycle, and usually fall out 5-12 months after growing in. Each eyelash is in a different phase of growth, which is why we shed eyelashes constantly without losing all of them at once. [2]

The Life of a Lash

Our eyelashes grow during the anagen (growth) phase, which lasts one to two months. By comparison, our scalp hair has an anagen phase that can last 6-7 years, which is why we can’t braid our eyelashes! During the catagen (transition) phase, the follicle slowly shuts down and enters the telogen (resting) phase for four to nine months before the eyelash falls out during the exogen phase, and the whole process starts again.

It’s thought that Latisse works by extending the anagen phase, allowing patients to grow lashes over a longer window of time. The anagen phase is also when our lashes accumulate pigment, so having a longer anagen phase allows for darker lashes. 

Research on Latisse showed an average increase of 1.4mm in length, or an increase of 26% from baseline eyelash length. The data also showed an improvement in both eyelash thickness and darkness. [3]That’s worth batting an eyelash at!


Eyelashes are designed to protect our eyes. Unlike the hair on the rest of our body, they don’t have pili erector muscles, which is what makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you’re scared. Eyelashes do have a dense supply of nerves, however, which is what makes you automatically blink when something comes close to your eye. But besides protecting our delicate eyes, eyelashes are an ancient symbol of beauty and youthful femininity. It’s a little body part that can make a big difference in our self-esteem and how we’re perceived. There’s just no such thing as natural eyelashes that are too long or too thick.  When it comes to eyelashes, more is more!

Candidates for Latisse in Scottsdale

Candidates for Latisse are unhappy with thin, sparse eyelashes. 

While genetics may have left you without the lashes you desire, there are also a variety of medical conditions that can lead to the loss of eyelashes. Trichotillomania (an impulsive disorder in which a person pulls out their hair), eyelash hypotrichosis (having an inadequate amount), and madarosis (loss of eyebrows or eyelashes) can have devastating consequences for your eyelashes, appearance, and self-esteem. Madarosis can be triggered by skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, thyroid and autoimmune disorders, vitamin deficiencies, or eye trauma.

Eyelashes can also suffer from chemotherapy and grow back thinner and lighter than the originals. Long thick eyelashes can help those battling cancer feel beautiful and be an encouraging reminder that they are on their way to recovery. Latisse can help. [2]  

Personal Consultation

If you’re ready for lovely lashes, make an appointment for a personal consultation. The staff at Scottsdale Plastics will offer you compassionate and professional attention and get to know more about you and your aesthetic goals. Dr. Bonillas believes that a team approach between doctor and patient is what creates successful outcomes. 

If Latisse is right for you, Dr. Bonillas will give you pricing and write you a prescription. Soon you’ll be on your way to gorgeous lashes. Stay current with Dr. Bonillas’ Beauty Talk Blog to learn more about the latest and greatest services available.

How to Use Latisse

Latisse should be applied nightly after you’ve removed your eye makeup and contact lenses. A Latisse kit includes the medication and a package of disposable sterile applicator wands that look like tiny paintbrushes. Squeeze a drop of Latisse cosmetic onto the brush, being careful not to touch the tip of the bottle to the applicator. Then simply brush across the lash line of your upper eyelid, the same way you would put on eyeliner. Be careful to blot any excess medication off the skin with a clean beauty pad or tissue. Dispose of the applicator: reusing applicators can cause infections. Latisse is not for use on the lower lash line and can cause hair growth if used outside the treatment area.[3]

Real Results

latisee lash extension

Latisse was created because its ingredients had proven results. In a clinical study, after 16 weeks of regular use, patients saw a 25% increase in eyelash length, a 106% increase in eyelash thickness, and an 18% increase in eyelash darkening. Subjects in this study happily reported that they felt significantly more satisfied with their eyelashes, more confident in their looks, more attractive, more professional, and more satisfied with their daily routine. It’s an all-around win. Less than 5% of patients reported eye irritation as a side effect. [5]

Complementary Procedures

While you’re waiting for your lashes to start growing longer, thicker, and darker, why not treat yourself to some instant results? Dr. Bonillas offers a wide range of dermal injections that can help you look and feel your best by rejuvenating your skin. Bellafill is a convenient, non-surgical, long-lasting solution for aging skin. 

This outstanding dermal filler increases the skin’s own production of collagen, boosting firmness and texture. It can erase lines, wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of acne scars. Scottsdale patients love this injectable because unlike other fillers, the results can last years, and it encourages the body’s production of collagen for continuous improval. Schedule your appointment today to find out what else Dr. Bonillas can do for you and how Bellafill can help you feel your best. His office is conveniently located to serve the Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, and Scottsdale areas.


How long does Latisse last?

Latisse is meant to be used daily, and results become visible after about 12 weeks. Because the life cycle of an eyelash is only a few months, the effects of Latisse will gradually disappear once a patient stops using it. 


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