Neck Lift

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Neck Lift

A neck lift, or platysmaplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that increases the definition of the neck from the beginning of the jaw down to the chin. (1) Usually performed with the use of power-assisted liposuction, a neck lift contours the area, rejuvenating the neck, chin, and jaw for a more youthful outline. A neck lift is a safe and effective way to reduce problematic double chin fat, stubborn neck bands, and sagging skin that doesn’t budge no matter how hard you try.

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About Neck Lift Surgery

Traditionally, neck lifts require incisions that resemble those used for facelifts. By entering the neck area from behind the ears (or right behind the tragus inside the ears), the surgeon can remove fat, reposition the sagging tissues, and suture the platysma muscle easily. 

A neck lift often involves addressing the platysma muscle, especially if it is creating puffiness underneath the neck. Surgeons can suture the muscle in order to reduce sagging. The most commonly performed technique is the anterior (medial) platysmaplasty. (1)

Medial Platysmaplasty

During medial platysmaplasty, an incision is made that spans behind the ear, and depending on how much loose skin is present, in front of the ear as well. Dr. Bonillas undermines the area and removes fat, then may work on separating the muscles underneath to relieve any banding on the neck. Then the muscle is sutured together in the middle of the neck to reduce any leftover puffiness. The skin is then draped back over and measured, making sure to leave enough room for closure. (1)

SIMI Neck Lift

A traditional neck lift like medial platysmaplasty addresses the musculature underneath the skin in order to create a smooth, pleasing neck contour. This often involves making a large incision around the ear. With a single incision minimally invasive (SIMI) neck lift, or a mini neck lift, only one incision is necessary. Dr. Bonillas places the incision just beneath the chin to gain enough access to remove fat. Liposuction can be performed along the jawline to help with bulkiness surrounding the chin, and the platysma muscle can still be sutured with the technique. (2)

What Type of Neck Lift Do I Need?

If you have large amounts of excess skin, you will likely need a traditional neck lift in order to remove the skin and receive better results. For patients with extra fat underneath their chin and good skin elasticity, a mini neck lift is a less invasive and effective surgery. You may ask Dr. Bonillas which technique might work best for you during your consultation.

How Can I Benefit From a Neck Lift?

There are many benefits to receiving a neck lift. Just a few are:

  • Smoothed neck skin: A neck lift requires the removal of excess skin, resulting in a flush and youthful neckline.
  • Tightened underlying muscles: Suturing the platysma muscle can help alleviate the look of any loose skin, making you look younger.
  • Easily concealed scarring: Dr. Bonillas may use the traditional incision pattern that is typically hidden by the natural contours of the face, or a short incision easily hidden under the chin.
  • Short recovery, maximum results
  • Easily combinable with other procedures

Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidate for a neck lift is in good overall health and experiencing signs of lower facial aging. If you have noticed unpleasant fullness underneath your chin, loose skin collection on the neck, or a poorly defined jawline, then a neck lift procedure could be perfect for you. 

You must be a non-smoker, or willing to quit tobacco and nicotine products at least 6 weeks before your procedure date. It is also important to have realistic expectations about what a neck lift can achieve. Though it can be a great way to contour the neck, it cannot be used for any facial rejuvenation of the jawline. 

If you are looking for a more comprehensive, overall lift, Dr. Bonillas performs many facelifts in congruence with neck lifts. These two procedures can easily be combined for an even more dramatic result.

Personal Consultation with Dr. Bonillas

During your first consultation, Dr. Bonillas will ask you about your aesthetic goals and why you want to receive a neck lift procedure. He will perform a physical examination of the area, taking note of the degree of skin sagging and collection around the platysma muscle. This helps him plan the procedure and ask you further questions about your expectations. 

Be sure to prepare any questions and concerns you may have for Dr. Bonillas before this consultation. You will have plenty of time to inquire about how to prepare for your surgery, the procedure steps, and recovery details.

What Should I Do to Prepare For My Neck Lift?

In addition to quitting habits like smoking, you must also limit your alcohol intake before your neck lift. Stop all consumption of anti-inflammatory medications and certain herbal supplements. Continue your regular skincare routine leading up to your procedure, but you should avoid any special treatments that might hinder your recovery. 

You will be given specific instructions from Dr. Bonillas on how to properly prepare for your neck lift. You must follow them carefully, and ask him any questions you may have before the day of your procedure. It is important to fully understand every step of the process in order to achieve the results you desire. 

Neck Lift Procedure

Before he starts the neck lift, Dr. Bonallis marks your neck while you are sitting. This helps him plan where to use liposuction and fat removal techniques to achieve optimal contour. Once you are properly anesthetized, he will perform the liposuction after injecting fluid to help the fat separate. Using his signature LocoLipo technique, this step allows him to remove fat from both the neck and jawline, to enhance the outline and structure of both.

After liposuction is applied, Dr. Bonillas makes his incisions. With excess fat out of the way, he has a clear view of the underlying muscles. He then works to suture them in a lifted position. Once everything is tightened, he may also suture the platysma together to create an even smoother final contour. 

Dr. Bonillas will suture the skin carefully after trimming the excess. This step is crucial to ensure your results are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. A neck lift procedure can take anywhere from one to three hours to complete.


When you wake up from anesthesia, you will notice swelling and may experience moderate discomfort. This can be easily controlled with the medications Dr. Bonillas prescribes. After your trusted person drives you home, you will have to take off at least a week from work. It may be difficult to eat for a few days, so be sure to prepare easily consumable meals beforehand. 

Depending on the technique used, you can expect to be close to full recovery by the end of your first postoperative month. This timeline varies widely from patient to patient. In the meantime, make sure to take gentle walks to avoid blood clotting. 


You may be able to notice results as soon as your bandages are removed. The swelling present might distort them, but as that dissipates, you will be able to see your smooth, contoured jawline and neck

Though a neck lift provides an overall rejuvenation, it does not prevent future signs of aging. To keep your results for a long period of time, make sure to apply ample high-SPF sunscreen if you are exposed to direct sunlight. The soft tissue under your facial and neck skin will continue to change as you age, but a neck lift will help you look younger along the way

Corresponding Procedure: Traditional Facelift

Often performed together, facelifts and neck lifts have similar goals and benefits. They both address the underlying tissues, lifting them first to create long-lasting and dramatic results for the patient. Dr. Bonillas specializes in facial rejuvenation procedures, performing many facelifts every year. During a facelift, he addresses the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) layer by suturing it back to the original position it was in before the aging process began. This allows for easy skin redraping and full midface rejuvenation. 

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost in Scottsdale?

Every patient’s procedure plan is unique to them. Dr. Bonillas will inform you of your total cost during your private consultation. To schedule a neck lift consultation, please don’t hesitate to call our Scottsdale office at (480) 245-6380

If you have any questions about neck lifts, facelifts, or any other cosmetic procedures, be sure to check out our blog for more information.


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