Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

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Tired of a loose, bulging abdomen? Remove excess fat, skin, and tissue safely and effectively with a Tummy Tuck.

Whether you’re experiencing lingering excess skin on your abdomen after pregnancy or due to weight loss, the tummy will achieve a flatter, tighter abdominal appearance. With this procedure, you will be able to wear clothes and swimwear again with confidence

To learn more about how a Tummy Tuck achieves a slim, smooth abdominal contour, call our helpful staff today.

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What Is A Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

what is a tummy tuck procedure

Abdominoplasty, often called a “Tummy Tuck,” is a popular procedure used to flatten and shape the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin and tightening muscles. Liposuction may be performed during a Tummy Tuck to eliminate stubborn fat and achieve patients’ desired contour.

A Tummy Tuck is a highly customizable procedure. We contour our patient’s bodies into the abdominal shape and tone that is right for their unique individual physique.

Patients love the look of their new flat stomachs after surgery under Dr. Bonillas’ exceptional care.

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You will be able to see your Tummy Tuck results right away! An abdominoplasty provides impressive results that will be noticed right after surgery. Many patients notice a slimmer, tighter stomach. As swelling goes down and the final results set in, the dramatic outcome is easily noticed.

An abdominoplasty is a transformational surgery that helps our patients look and feel their best!

Tummy Tuck results last for many years! Look through our Tummy Tuck before and after gallery to view the impressive results Dr. Bonillas is providing for men and women just like you. For your best Tummy Tuck, schedule an appointment with Dr. Bonillas today!

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Who Is A Good Candidate?

The best candidates for a Tummy Tuck are in good physical condition with pockets of fat or loose skin that haven’t responded well to traditional diet and exercise. This procedure can also benefit older, formerly obese individuals who have lost significant amounts of weight and have excess sagging skin around the stomach.

tummy tuck candidates

Tummy Tucks restore tight, attractive abdominal contours for both our male and female patients. Dr. Robert Bonillas tailors every Tummy Tuck to achieve a patient’s desired outcomes, whether that be a toned, structured appearance or more soft, sensual curve.

Tummy Tucks can also be useful for women with stretched skin and muscles from pregnancy. Results from the Tummy Tuck procedure will likely diminish if women continue to bear children, so we advise patients who plan to become pregnant to consider postponing this procedure until they are done having children.

We also encourage patients who intend to lose a lot of weight to wait before undergoing the procedure, since skin in the abdominal area typically loosens after substantial weight loss.

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Customized Treatment For Optimal Cosmetic Results

We take the time during every pre-operative consultation to learn what patients want to achieve from a Tummy Tuck both for their bodies and for their self-confidence.

By listening to what patients have to say and closely examining them rather than performing a one-size-fits-all procedure on every person, we provide patients with a completely customized treatment that takes into account their specific goals.

Ready to get Started on the New You? Contact Dr. Bonillas Today!

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Prior to your surgery, you will need to take steps to make sure you are prepared. Dr. Bonillas will provide you with instructions as well. Make sure to follow his directions closely so as to ensure a healthy surgery and recovery.

Fill prescriptions and arrange for rides to and from Tummy Tuck surgery. Having a friend assist you during your first few days of recovery will be very helpful. Make sure to take time off from work and set aside an area of your home where you can rest comfortably without disruption.

A healthy, positive surgical experience begins with preparation.

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tummy tuck procedure

Tummy Tucks take approximately two to five hours and are performed under general anesthesia. This procedure may be performed on an in-patient or outpatient basis, depending on the complexity of your surgery and Dr. Bonillas’ recommendation.

Dr. Bonillas will make two incisions: one from hip bone to hip bone close to the pubic area, and another around the navel. He will separate the skin from the abdominal muscles, which are then pulled together and stitched into place for a firmer abdomen and narrower waist. The skin flap is then stretched down and over the newly tightened muscles, excess skin is removed, and the navel is reattached in a natural position. Finally, Dr. Bonillas will close the incisions and apply sterile surgical dressings over the sutured areas.

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Tummy Tuck Recovery

After surgery, compression garments are worn and a temporary tube may be inserted under the skin to drain excess fluid from the surgical site. Recovery time ranges from two weeks to a few months.

You should limit strenuous activities for at least six weeks, and may need to take off from work for up to a month.

Dr. Bonillas will give you specific instructions for your individual recovery. Following these instructions can help speed up your recovery and reduce the risk of any post-surgery complications.

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A Tummy Tuck leaves patients with a flatter, more toned abdominal area that fits the natural contours of your body.

A Tummy Tuck will improve a patient’s appearance and confidence by helping them look and feel younger and slimmer. The results of this procedure are visible right away and will continue to improve. With a balanced diet and regular exercise, the results are long-lasting. Scars will fade with time, leaving your stomach sleeker and more defined than ever before.

A Tummy Tuck will leave a scar spanning the lower abdomen from hip to hip. Dr. Bonillas is very careful to make the incision low enough for even a bikini to conceal the scar.

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A scar revision procedure after a Tummy Tuck can help minimize the appearance of unsightly scars.

Though rare, post-operative complications from any surgical procedure are possible. They may include infection, blood clots, and poor healing, which may require further surgery.

Patients who have had previous abdominal surgery should know that their old scars could be raised, stretched or generally more noticeable after the Tummy Tuck procedure.

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Partial Abdominoplasty (Mini Tummy Tuck)

Partial abdominoplasty, or “mini Tummy Tuck”, is similar to the regular Tummy Tuck procedure, except it involves a shorter incision and the skin is only lifted to the navel, which does not have to be moved.

A partial Tummy Tuck is ideal for patients who need just a little improvement in order to reach their desired results. You can discuss the differences between these procedures, as well as weigh their benefits and risks with Dr. Bonillas in order to decide which procedure is best for you.

Contact us today to schedule a Tummy Tuck consultation and find out if you can benefit from this effective procedure.

*Results May Vary


A Tummy Tuck surgery is a highly customizable procedure. Everyone has a unique body and a personal goal they are trying to reach. The hand-tailored approach of this procedure causes the cost to differ from patient to patient. If you are looking for a way to slim down and regain a youthful profile, give our office a call at (480) 245-6380. We look forward to helping you look and feel better!

If you want to learn more about abdominoplasty prices, search “Tummy Tuck prices near me”. This will allow you to get a rough understanding of costs involved in the procedure. Keep in mind these prices will not be an accurate reflection of your personalized surgery at Scottsdale Plastics. We focus on providing quality care that helps our patients achieve their desired aesthetic.

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Can you be awake during anesthesia?

Patients are awake as the general anesthesia is administered but quickly fall asleep. This allows our patients to have a relaxing surgery.

Can a Tummy Tuck be done under local anesthesia?

No. A Tummy Tuck is performed under general anesthesia to ensure the safety of our patients. General anesthesia will allow you to rest comfortably and not feel the procedure.

Can a mini Tummy Tuck be done under local anesthesia?

At Scottsdale Plastics, we want our patients to have a comfortable procedure. A mini Tummy Tuck will be performed under general anesthesia so as to produce a positive, restful experience.

Can you be awake during Tummy Tuck?

No. At our office, we use general anesthesia to ensure a comfortable surgery. You will have a flatter, toned tummy in no time!

What type of anesthesia is used for a Tummy Tuck?

A Tummy Tuck is performed under general anesthesia.

How painful is liposuction under local anesthesia?

Liposuction under local anesthesia is not painful. Local anesthesia will keep your treatment area numb so you can remain comfortable during surgery. After surgery, you may feel some sensitivity and discomfort. Pain medications will keep you relaxed and comfortable. There is little pain associated with a liposuction procedure and it can be easily controlled. Dr. Bonillas and you will create a healthy recovery plan that allows you to rest and relax.

Can you get liposuction under local anesthesia?

Yes. Tumescent fluid acts as a local anesthesia and allows surgeons to perform liposuction surgeries without general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is a preferred mode of anesthesia for liposuction.