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A thigh lift or thighplasty is a surgical solution that smooths and contours your legs by removing unwanted fat deposits and excess skin. It is a process that targets the upper legs and reduces unwanted tissue to create a curvature that harmonizes with your proportions. The onset of aging, significant weight loss, or childbirth may cause the appearance of loose, sagging skin. A thigh lift corrects that by removing excess tissue to create smoother, slimmer, and more toned thighs. Scottsdale Plastics is at the forefront of your journey to an improved physique, and our caring staff is here to support you. You can count on a personalized treatment that will deliver a set of thighs that suit your body, and compliment your overall appearance. To get started, schedule your consultation appointment at our Scottsdale office or call us at (480) 245-6380.


Cellulite, loose skin, and pockets of fat in the thighs can be a frustrating ordeal. It can cause self-consciousness when wearing swimsuits, shorts, and other revealing garments – but it can even be evident under pants and long skirts. Excess tissue in the thighs can be caused by life-changing events such as pregnancy or weight loss. To treat this condition, Dr. Bonillas makes incisions in the body’s natural creases to surgically remove the unwanted tissue situated in your thighs. The remaining skin is repositioned, tightened, and secured with sutures. [1] After a thigh lift, you’ll end up with streamlined thighs that are firmer and have smoother contours.


Sculpted, balanced thighs provide optimized symmetry to the entire body. Other added benefits that a thigh lift offers are: [2]

  • Sleeker, firmer skin texture
  • Youthful, healthier appearance
  • Greater physical comfort when performing regular activities
  • Reduced stretch marks
  • Boost in self-confidence
  • Finding flattering clothing
  • Removes imperfections such as cellulite 

To see how you can benefit from a thigh lift, pencil in a consultation at Scottsdale Plastics to discuss this transformative procedure further.

Ideal Candidates

A thighplasty procedure may be right for you if you are looking to improve your appearance with a new set of well-sculpted thighs. If you are experiencing sagging skin to the upper areas of your legs, then this procedure can help provide you with a new aesthetic for your legs. Ideal candidates should demonstrate that they are:

  • Fit enough to undergo surgery
  • At or near ideal weight
  • A non-smoker
  • Experiencing excess skin or fat tissue in the thigh area

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Personal Consultation

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Dr. Robert G. Bonillas MD chose his path as a plastic surgeon because of its unlimited potential to help patients. The look we see on patients’ faces when their final results come to light is always incredibly rewarding. With the help of his caring team, Dr. Bonillas will create an outcome that will vastly improve your quality of life.

Your personal consultation will take place in our ultramodern office inside the McDowell Mountain Medical Building in Scottsdale, AZ.  Our city is famous for luxurious resorts, championship golf courses, and high-end boutiques. You’ll be welcomed into a consultation room where one of our helpful staff will gather a few important details regarding your physical health such as your medical history including surgical procedures. Dr. Bonillas will enter the discussion to understand your condition. This will be the time to explain your concerns about your thighs and aesthetic dreams. He’ll perform a physical examination of your thighs that pays attention to the skin elasticity and structure. Next, he’ll note the condition of excess skin and fatty tissue in the area. He will end the consultation with a personalized plan that works for you.

Take a few moments to schedule a consultation at our offices. We are ready to take care of your concerns. Take a look at our educational blog posts while you wait. We have a plethora of beneficial posts about other procedures we offer. 


Taking care of a few preparation items will ensure that your procedure and recovery period goes smoothly. They include:

  • Stop smoking and drinking for a few weeks before your procedure
  • Avoid taking certain prescriptions and supplements that can interfere with surgery and healing
  • Asking a caring friend or trusted adult to drive you home
  • Take off a week from work to rest up


Patients are given general anesthesia or a local anesthetic to keep them comfortable. A thigh lift is a highly customizable procedure that takes on different methods to craft sleek, smoother thighs. A few methods Dr. Bonillas’ practices are: [3]

Inner Thigh Lift

This procedure targets the inner thigh and removes excess fat from this area with an incision made where the thigh meets the pubic area. Skin and fat are removed and the remaining skin is tightened to improve the skin’s elasticity and overall appearance of the leg.

Bilateral (Outer) Thigh Lift

A bilateral lift is designed to tighten up the skin on the front and outside of the leg. An incision is made around your hip just along the bikini line. The skin is then redraped upward to a smooth feel and texture. Incisions are then closed with sutures. 

Medial Thigh Lift

A medial thigh lift targets the upper portion of the inner thigh with an incision that stretches from the groin area at the back crease to the buttocks. This method removes excess skin and improves the overall symmetry in your lower body including your hips, buttock, and lower legs. Once the desired look has been perfected, Dr. Bonillas will close the incisions with small sutures and bandage up the treated areas. 


The recovery stage is a gradual process so be sure to take it easy to heal properly. Your thighs will be sensitive because of the swelling and bruising. Apply an ice pack at 15-minute intervals every few hours. You will be prescribed pain medication to alleviate the discomfort. When resting, position your body so that your thighs are not stretched out. After two days, you can shower and gently wash your thighs. You should be able to return to work within 2-3 weeks. [4] However, please exercise caution as your thighs are still sensitive, so sit on pillows when possible. You may stop wearing your compression garment after a month, when swelling and bruising should have dissipated. In 6-8 weeks, you can resume your regular exercise regimen.


Many patients are able to see the new contours under their dressings after they recover from anesthesia. However, full results appear gradually as the healing process continues. Once the residual bruising and swelling subsides, you will enjoy slimmer, firmer, smoother thighs. The results are natural-looking and long-lasting. As long as you don’t experience significant weight fluctuations following your lift, you will enjoy long-lasting results. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures

A thigh lift can be performed as a stand alone procedure or it can be combined with the other procedures we offer to meet your needs.

VASER Liposuction

If you’re looking to showcase your musculature, then VASER Liposuction may benefit you. This is a minimally invasive procedure that accurately contours the body. The procedure uses ultrasound waves to target and agitate unwanted fat cells. Once these fat cells become loose, they are removed from your body through a cannula.


Since thighplasty is a highly customizable procedure, so are the costs involved. There are many things to factor into the final price when considering a thigh lift. Things that will determine cost include the extent of your condition, the surgical techniques used, anesthesia and medication required, and other relevant items. Dr. Bonillas and his staff will discuss all of the aspects of our pricing with you at your consultation. Our offices are also happy to review a few financing options with you for your convenience.


Which thigh lift method is right for me?

A thigh lift is not a one size fits all procedure. It is a highly customized treatment that can treat our patient’s needs. Only will consultation with Dr. Bonilias determine which one will work for you.

Is a thigh lift permanent?

The results of your thigh lift with Dr.  Bonillas are long-lasting! You will be able to enjoy your new thighs for years to come. Just be sure to do your part in avoiding significant weight fluctuations and maintain a stable weight in order to prolong your results.


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