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A body lift is a body contouring procedure that improves your appearance by removing excess fat and skin from multiple areas of the body. Unlike specified treatments like an arm lift or thigh lift, a body lift can treat larger areas or combine several different treatments into one procedure. 

Is your loose, excess skin and tissue preventing you from exercising or wearing clothing comfortably? By receiving a body lift, patients with excess sagging skin regain their mobility, natural body shape, and confidence in their body.

Dr. Robert G. Bonillas performs body lifts for patients in the areas of Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert and Scottsdale, Arizona. Depending on where your most troubling problem areas are, Dr. Bonillas can perform an upper, lower or total body lift.

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About Body Lifts

Major weight gain and weight loss, pregnancy, and other significant changes in our physical dimensions can result in loose, sagging skin on the body, including the abdomen, flanks, back, arms, and buttocks. While our bodies have an amazing ability to recover from many physical changes, our skin typically does not regain its elasticity after stretching. Diet and exercise alone are not usually enough to return the skin back to its original taut position.

A body lift is a highly customizable surgical procedure that will remove sagging skin and excess fat to restore the body to a tight and smooth contour. A body lift can be customized into an upper, lower, or total body lift. Depending on the patient’s aesthetic goals, Dr. Bonillas will perform the type of body lift that will work best to achieve the optimal results.

A body lift procedure can be customized to target specific areas of the body in an upper or lower body lift. Some patients will see their best results from a total body lift.

Lower Body Lift

The most popular type of body lift that Dr. Bonillas performs is the belt lipectomy, or lower body lift. This procedure removes excess skin and tissue circumferentially around the lower torso, from the abdomen, hips and lower back. (1) It trims excess skin from these areas and removes unwanted fat. Dr. Bonillas sculpts the abdomen, lower back, and buttocks as necessary to achieve the patient’s desired body contour. The skin is artfully placed in a firm and attractive position. The patient may also have their abdominal muscles repaired and secured with an abdominoplasty during this procedure. A lower body lift can make major improvements to a patient’s figure overall. 

Upper Body Lift

An Upper Body Lift addresses loose, hanging skin and tissue on the chest, upper back, and arms. Once excess fat, skin, and tissue have been removed, Dr. Bonillas closes the incisions, placing the skin on the chest, back, and arms into an appealing lifted position. Recipients of upper body lifts experience a renewed confidence in their bodies and feel more comfortable exercising.

Total Body Lift

Often, the hanging skin and stubborn, uneven fat deposits that remain after major weight loss can turn the accomplishment into a frustrating let down. A total body lift is a great option for patients who would like to address loose, sagging skin and unwanted tissue from both their upper and lower body to achieve their ideal appearance. 

Benefits of Body Lifts

Excess skin and tissue can make exercising uncomfortable and make patients feel self-conscious about their appearance. With a body lift, patients can restore their physical mobility and gain a renewed ability to take control of their physical health.

A body lift is far more than just a cosmetic procedure. Patients who receive body contouring procedures following major weight loss are less likely to experience weight gain in the years following their procedure. Gaining a body that you are proud of can encourage you to keep up a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Dr. Bonillas and his highly trained team are here to help you reach your body goals. Your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are our priority.

Who is a Candidate for a Body Lift?

Ideal candidates for a body lift are those who have accomplished the majority of their weight loss goals and are at a stable weight. Having a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) decreases the likelihood of complications during surgery. (2) Candidates will also be in good overall health and free from any conditions which could inhibit their healing after surgery. They will have realistic expectations of the outcomes possible with a body contouring procedure.

Potential candidates should be non-smokers, as smoking can interfere with the body’s ability to heal. We will ask patients who smoke to discontinue smoking three weeks before and at least three weeks following their body lift procedure.

Personal Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Bonillas will answer any questions you may have about body lifts and the variety of body contouring surgical techniques available to you. He will also perform a physical exam and discuss your medical history with you. Once Dr. Bonillas has a complete sense of your goals and overall health, he will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan that will achieve your ideal body contour. To schedule your personal consultation, call (480) 245-6380 or fill out this form.


Preparing for your body lift procedure will increase the likelihood of safety and success. We will provide you with instructions for how best to prepare. You will need to discontinue taking NSAIDs like ibuprofen for the two weeks prior to your treatment. Due to the after-effects of the anesthesia, you will not be able to drive yourself home after your lipectomy. 

It will be necessary to schedule a ride home with a friend or family member. You should also prepare for your recovery by picking up any medications you will need before the procedure. As a period of downtime will be necessary, we advise that you set up your recovery area ahead of time. Setting up a comfortable recovery space is ideal and will ease your experience.

Body Lift Procedure

Dr. Bonillas performs body lift procedures with his patients placed under general anesthesia. The procedure can take from four to seven hours to complete, depending on the type of lift. 

The steps of a patient’s body lift procedure will depend on the patient’s unique body structure and goals for their appearance. If you are interested in learning more about how a body lift can give you the figure you have been working hard to achieve, schedule your private consultation at Scottsdale Plastics today.


A body lift is a major surgical procedure that requires significant recovery time, including a short hospital stay and several weeks at home before returning to regular activities. When you are sent home, you will receive instructions for how to care for any surgical drains and how to wear your compression garments, as well as instructions for how to care for your incisions and reduce scarring.

You should avoid bending, lifting, and other strenuous exercises for up to six weeks following your treatment. Dr. Bonillas will meet with you regularly to assess your recovery progress.


A body lift is a life-changing procedure. Dr. Bonillas performs lower, upper, and total body lifts to completely transform patient’s bodies into a smooth and beautiful silhouette. The slimming results of a body lift will be immediately visible. Results will continue to improve as post-procedure swelling and bruising diminish in the weeks following the procedure. The body will accept the changes from the body lift over time. New body contours will settle into place within three to six months. Patients who are dedicated to maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen will enjoy and prolong the results of their surgery for years to come.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Dr. Bonillas offers procedures that can be combined with body lifts or performed as separate procedures to further improve your results.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Bonillas can combine a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) with your body lift procedure to enhance the buttocks along with the other areas of treatment. It is a cosmetic procedure that involves repurposing fat cells, using them to accentuate the buttocks. A surgeon removes these fat cells from different parts of the body using liposuction. This can increase the volume and improve the shape of the buttocks, resulting in a perkier and more noticeable behind. 


Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that involves removing built-up pockets of fat cells from the body. It can address fat that has stubbornly refused to burn off through diet and exercise. Commonly used in the process of a body lift, liposuction removes any excess fat in the treatment areas. Dr. Bonillas prefers an advanced method called VASER liposuction. VASER utilizes ultrasound energy to break up the targeted fat at a cellular level. This makes for an easier and less harmful surgery, as the fat comes out more naturally and with less damage to the surrounding tissue. The ultrasound energy also serves to mildly tighten the skin near the removed fat, adding to the aesthetic benefits of the procedure.  

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How Much Do Body Lifts Cost in Scottsdale?

The investment in a customizable body lift surgery involves various financial implications that are tailored to each individual’s specific needs and treatment plan. To learn more about how much body lifts cost with Dr. Bonillas, call (480) 245-6380 or visit our contact page.


What are abdominoplasty and lipectomy?

Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is a body contouring procedure that repairs and tightens abdominal muscles, removes excess skin, and re-drapes the abdominal skin in a smooth, tighter contour. Liposuction is also performed to remove excess fat. An extended tummy tuck will tighten and sculpt the flanks and hips as necessary. This is a good option for patients who have a larger degree of loose skin on their abdomens.

A lipectomy is a procedure during which excess skin and fat are removed. The remaining skin and tissue are tightened and contoured to create a smooth, lifted, and more ideal body shape. Liposuction or fat transfer may be performed to achieve the preferred appearance.

What is a circumferential belt lipectomy?

A circumferential belt lipectomy is a type of lower body lift wherein excess skin and tissue are removed from the abdomen, sides, and lower back. Patients may also decide to receive a buttock lift during this procedure. A similar procedure is an extended tummy tuck, where Dr. Bonillas repairs and tightens the abdominal muscles, as well as addresses the sagging skin and excess tissue around the patient’s waistline.

How much does a body lift cost?

The price of a body lift will depend on the specifics of the patient’s individual treatment plan, such as the number and type of body lifting procedures that will be combined to achieve the patient’s preferred contour. Candidates will receive a cost breakdown that reflects the details of their body lift after their consultation.


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