We often think that a nose job is simply something people do to improve looks, but there are numerous medical reasons for seeking out and undergoing Rhinoplasty Scottsdale. A few of these are patients with cleft palates, nasal airway obstruction, and possibly the most common, to repair damage sustained from nasal trauma.


A cleft palate is a birth defect that may affect both the palate and the nose, causing severe nasal disfigurations. The failed closure of the palate occurs during pregnancy. The result is a cleft lip or cleft palate, which can be of varying severity. Rhinoplasty for these patients is usually performed as one of their last reconstructive operations, and is typically done in their later teen years. Rhinoplasty Scottsdale can restore their nasal form and function, improving these patients overall condition and self-esteem.

Nasal airway obstructions are literally endured by millions of people. These problems can include nasal allergies and sinus congestion that exceeds the normal amount. Cause of these problems are often related to anatomical abnormalities such as a deviated nasal septum, narrowing of the internal nasal valve, and nasal polyps to name a few. Depending on the severity of these problems, breathing, smell, and taste can all be adversely effected. In addition, some patients experience obstructive sleep apnea which in turn leads to many issues. Rhinoplasty Scottsdale can correct these airway obstructions, improving overall nasal function.

Another common medical reason to consider Rhinoplasty Scottsdale is to repair damage caused by trauma. Millions of people have sustained injuries to their nose in accidents, sports, fighting, and many other ways. Occasionally people seeking surgery for damage to their noses may be interested in improving the cosmetic appearance of their nose, but most just want to get back the nose they were born with. As with other congenital defects, a broken nose can have unwanted side effects like loss of smell, trouble breathing, and an inability to taste. Rhinoplasty Scottsdale can repair the nasal trauma disfigurations and functional problems sustained by nasal trauma, thereby giving patients back the nose they were born with, or an improvement if wanted.

There are numerous medical reasons why people opt for Rhinoplasty Scottsdale and there are cosmetic reasons as well. In the end, whether the choice is for medical or cosmetic reasons, Scottsdale Plastics is well prepared to handle your needs.

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