Choosing the right facial plastic surgeon in Scottsdale is exactly what you must do if you are consid-ering cosmetic surgery. The results of inexperienced “cosmetic surgeons” can be seen all over the Inter-net, as well as, within our communities. When you look at someone and say to yourself, “that doesn’t look natural,” you will wonder who their plastic surgeon or “cosmetic surgeon” was. The developments in plastic surgery have come so far in recent years, and plastic surgeons are now better trained and more experienced than ever, therefore, it is better to choose a board certified plastic surgeon to do your facial work, as others will undoubtedly see your dramatic facial rejuvenation.


What makes the best facial plastic surgeon in Scottsdale is a combination of several things, not the least of which is experience. Your surgeon must be trained by an accredited plastic surgery residency and/or fellowship. In addition, board certification in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is a must, as this certification denotes that plastic surgeons have undergone specific training and passed rigorous written and oral board examinations to demonstrate they are competent to perform body and facial plastic surgery procedures.

Quantifiable results are what you can expect from a great facial plastic surgeon in Scottsdale. Plas-tic surgery is all about results that you can see, noticeable improvements. Much like an artist, you should be able to see a portfolio of your surgeon’s work, including before and after photos of facial plastic surgery.

We often think of value when getting the best price, however, this is not the case when it comes to finding a great facial plastic surgeon in Scottsdale. Here’s the deal, no surgery is exactly the same, and cheaper is not necessarily better (we all have seen or heard of those botched surgeries). So value is a combination of the right price and a surgeon with experience, as well as, proven results. Scottsdale Plas-tics is the complete package when it comes to facial plastic surgery. Our credentials, experience and happy patients prove we have what you want for your facial plastic surgery procedures.

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