The care that one puts in their physical appearance has long been a valued aspect of life in this country, and people are naturally and universally attracted to symmetry and balance. So, it is no surprise that breast augmentation continues to be one of the most highly sought after cosmetic surgeries in America. Whether it is simple enhancement, reconstruction or reduction, breast augmentation has also proven to have a positive effect on the way women see themselves. Breast augmentation cost in Scottsdale is what every woman wants to know before they go in for a consult, but figuring that cost is not quite as simple as buying a pair of shoes


Because there is no “one size fits all” to breast augmentation, there is also no easy way to list a generic price for these sorts of surgeries. Breast augmentation cost in Scottsdale and nationally can range from quite a few thousand dollars upwards to ten thousand. Factors for cost of course include the individual’s current physical situation, desired size, shape, whether or not the patient desires silicon or saline implants, whether they require a breast lift, and a number of other items that need to be discussed with the surgeon. 

A qualified surgeon will have years of experience performing the surgery you require and will take time to discuss the options and opportunities your unique situation presents in order to get you the look and feel you desire. Time in consultation, experience and ability all are critical components for a successful surgery and they all factor into the breast augmentation cost in Scottsdale. The more breast augmentations a surgeon has done, the more variety they have seen and generally the better they are at dealing with special situations. An experienced surgeon can be the difference in a patients quick surgery and outcome

The only real way to learn what your breast augmentation cost in Scottsdale might be is to meet with a surgeon for a consultation. This is as simple as getting on the phone and scheduling a time to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Once there you will have the privacy and professional setting to explore your personal situation and what your hoping for your surgery.   This is the only way to get a realistic idea about what your costs for breast augmentation might be. When you meet with Dr. Bonillas of Scottsdale Plastics, you will quickly learn how realistic and affordable breast augmentation may be for you.

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