Am I a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a surgical procedure that aims to give patients elevated, rounder buttocks. Many women want this procedure so they can appear more shapely in form-fitting clothes. Others choose a BBL because they want those hourglass curves sculpted into their bodacious booty. Whatever the case may be, Dr. Robert G. Bonillas’s approach to BBL surgery can give you curves you desire – while minimizing curves you don’t want. If you would like to learn more about how to begin this journey to a fuller you schedule a consultation with Dr. Bonillas or call us at (480) 245-6380. But, if you would like to learn just what makes a good candidate for a BBL, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Can Anyone Get A BBL?

In the last few years, BBLs have grown in popularity and efficacy. From celebrity post-op BBL pictures to word of mouth, the procedure has quickly become the new, popular kid on the block in the world of plastic surgery. But the question on everyone’s mind is: can I get a BBL too? To understand the answer to that question it is important to understand just how the procedure works and what is necessary for optimal results. 

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The Outs & Ins Of BBL Surgery

A BBL surgery begins with the revelation that you may want an alteration to your body’s natural curves – more specifically, your body’s backside. You might notice that you would like to see fuller, rounder buttocks and a smaller waist. Maybe you’ve seen women on social media post testimonials about how this procedure has bolstered their confidence and self-image and you want that for yourself. How a BBL works is actually quite simple and straightforward. First, an area of unwanted fat is located on the body and extracted through liposuction. It is then cleansed and purified using a specialized centrifuge. Then, small incisions are made at strategic points on the buttocks. Here, the purified fat will be injected to promote a fuller, more aesthetically appealing buttocks. Studies have shown that patients rate their buttocks much more aesthetically appealing after a BBL surgery than before.[1] After the fat is injected, Dr. Bonillas will maneuver it so that the results are smooth, refined, and down-right voluptuous. 


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When reading about the BBL surgery itself, some requirements for patients may be more evident than others. But for patients interested in getting a BBL at Scottsdale Plastic we ask these few things of you first.

Have Extra, Unwanted Fat 

Fat grafting is a procedure where unwanted fat tissue is removed with liposuction and then relocated to another part of the body to bolster up that area’s curves. Consequently, in order for fat grafting to be feasible you must have enough excess fatty tissue to spare. We recommend patients have at least 6 to 8 pounds of unwanted fat available in order to be approved for a BBL surgery. In a recent survey of 100 board certified cosmetic surgeons, the average amount of fat that was satisfactory for a BBL was 600cc per side which is equal to about 1.32 pounds.[2] 

Be At A Stable Weight

When you come to see Dr. Bonillas, it is imperative that you are already at your ideal, stable weight. This is because if more weight is added or lost after the BBL surgery this may tarnish the positive, glowing results that are garnered from this procedure. The shape of your results will be altered if more weight is gained. Please feel free to express to us what your history of weight loss fluctuations has looked like thus far and if you are close to a comfortable target weight. 

Be In Good Health

Before you are approved for your BBL surgery we will ask that you:

  • Are a non-smoker or able to quit smoking a few weeks before your surgery and for the entire duration of your recovery. Smoking can cause major hindrances in your recovery and may inhibit you from seeing optimal results. 
  • Not have any pre-existing conditions that may complicate your surgery or recovery. During your consultation, Dr. Bonillas will check your vitals and review your medical history to ensure that you are fully equipped to handle the BBL procedure and recovery. 

Have Realistic Expectations

For many of our clients, they experience a lifted butt and lifted confidence. However, Dr. Bonillas is an expert surgeon, and has years of experience performing this procedure. He will never compromise patient safety in order to achieve results. Please keep expectations realistic and get ready to trade some unwanted curves for some more desired ones.

BBL Benefits

With a BBL you can be sure to receive:

  • Natural-looking results 
  • Loss of unwanted fat
  • Improved shape of buttocks and thighs
  • No risk of the body rejecting the fat transfer because the patient’s own organic tissue is utilized.


It is important to note that after your BBL you will not be able to sit down or lie on your back for the entire duration of the recovery process. So, it is best to plan accordingly. Prepare your recovery with this in mind and be sure to have friends or family members able to drive you or assist you whenever and wherever necessary. On the day of your surgery, you will need to have scheduled a ride home, but be sure to not ride home sitting on your behind. Also, please discontinue smoking and taking blood-thinning medications like ibuprofen or aspirin a couple days before your procedure. 


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On the day of your procedure, it is important that you are comfortable and relaxed. Once sedated, Dr. Bonillas will remove the unwanted fat with a cannula and his expert touch. Then, the removed fat is processed to ready it for eventual injection. Once the relocated fat tissue is in place, he will massage the area and form the shape of the lifted butt. After the buttocks are sculpted to perfection, and you’ve recovered from anesthesia, he will release you to go home and focus on recovery.


It is important here to remain steadfast and prudent throughout this recovery process. Please avoid all strenuous activities for the next few weeks and be sure to take leave from work for at least a week after the surgery. Dr. Bonillas will also give you a compression garment that should be routinely worn throughout recovery. Also, it is imperative that you avoid sitting for long periods, as this can significantly diminish the results and hamper your recovery. 


After you’ve come to Dr. Bonillas’s office to get your compression garment removed, you will finally be able to take a gander at the beautiful results of your BBL! You’ll find that your new curves fill out your favorite clothes in an exciting new way. Your sexy new butt will look lifted and defined.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck scottsdale az

For people who have loose skin around the abdomen, a tummy tuck may be just the answer. With a tummy tuck, you can see a significant decrease in loose skin around the love handles and the abdominal walls. Many clients decide to undergo a tummy tuck after pregnancy, or after losing a significant amount of weight. It is important to note that a tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure but rather a body contouring treatment. 


juvederm scottsdale az

As we age, our countenance can become riddled with fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging, loose skin. This is due in part to the decreasing levels of naturally occurring collagen in our skin as well as prolonged exposure to UV light. To help counteract this, Dr. Bonillas proudly offers Juvederm as an injectable to help erase fine lines and wrinkles for up to 18 months. Juvederm contains hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a naturally found hydrating compound in our skin. When injected into the skin, it binds with the moisture in our sub-dermis layers to then expand and triggers a renewed influx of collagen. This expansion works to smooth out wrinkles and accentuate features on our faces and the renewed collagen helps it remain in place. If you are interested in learning more about all the different Juvederm products available at Scottsdale Plastics please feel free to schedule a personal consultation today!

How Much Does a BBL Cost in Scottsdale?

The cost of a BBL will vary depending on some of the person’s individual factors. These factors can include how long the procedure may take for the patient and how much fat is relocated. This should all be covered during your consultation, but if you still have questions regarding the pricing of your procedure then please do not hesitate to call our office at (480) 245-6380. If you are interested in learning more about our financing options please visit our financing page.


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